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  • We are a community in Singapore for caregivers, by caregivers.
  • We care for family caregivers of loved ones with Special Needs, Disabilities, Chronic / Mental / Terminal Illness & Old Age.
  • We have social workers, support groups, resources, and programmes to help you along your caregiving journey.

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What Caregivers are Talking About

2 hours ago

Caregivers Connect shared Projectcare's post.

Please join this amazing session by SAGE Counselling Projectcare
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SAGE Counselling Centre is offering a Preparatory Caregiver Training Programme that includes understanding caregiving, caregivers' challenges and stress, caregiving stress management, and caregiver self-care. If you would like to attend, details are on the flyer.

Please join this amazing session by SAGE Counselling Projectcare

1 day ago

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As we continue on to celebrate the month of social work this March, Isabel Tan, a social work practitioner from AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre shares her thoughts on the work that she does. “As a social work practitioner at AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre (DDCC), I embark on this journey alongside our caregivers, supporting them to the best of my ability in preparation for what is to come. We work towards finding each client’s strength and empowering them to take on suitable duties such as helping out with chores or facilitating group activities. Through this, we hope to create opportunities for clients with Dementia to contribute and at the same time, re-build their confidence. We also educate and empower caregivers to provide quality care for their loved ones. Being part of the multi-disciplinary team in DDCC has been nothing short of fulfilling; being with my clients is always a recharging experience. The clients and caregivers we serve have taught me so much about resilience, patience and unconditional love.”

2 days ago

Caregivers Connect shared Organic Health Universe's album.

Thank you Jasmine LC Chua for sharing
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Thank you Jasmine LC Chua for sharing

2 days ago

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The Arts & Disability International Conference 2018 offers more than just key global trends and best practices for the disabled and arts communities. Whether you’re an artist, educator, policymaker, person with disabilities, caregiver or an advocate of the arts and disabilities, there will be something new for you to learn about inclusive arts. Register now at

3 days ago

Caregivers Connect shared Forget Us Not - Building a Dementia Friendly Community's post. ... See MoreSee Less

The sterling performance by Pangdemonium in 'The Father', has touched the hearts of a few thousand viewers. Lien Foundation is proud to be the presenting sponsor, as part of our efforts to share the message about dementia.

6 days ago

Caregivers Connect shared Shine - Hope Singapore's post. ... See MoreSee Less

Shine is a ministry in Hope Church Singapore. We strive to be an inclusive community that embraces and empowers individuals with learning and intellectual disabilities. This wouldn't be possible without the help of all our volunteers and donors who supported this ministry since December 2015. Every role in Shine Ministry is vital and is created with purposeful intent. Read more about our stories here:

1 week ago

Caregivers Connect shared a link.

Husband of Sainsbury's dementia sufferer tells heart-lifting story
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Trevor Salomon tells the story of his wife Yvonne's descent into dementia and how her bosses at Sainsbury's let her keep her job and in so doing kindly allowed her to preserve her dignity.

1 week ago

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AWWA School turned 39 on 9 Mar 2018! Themed “My Sensorial World”, students of AWWA School engaged in some multi-sensory activities at the different sensory booths. Each Multi-sensory activity was creatively tailored to stimulate their five senses. For example, the “Herb Garden, Spice Kitchen” for the heightening the sense of smell and “Candy Dandy” for stimulating the sense of taste. AWWA School also entered the Singapore Book of Records for the largest playhouse created from recycled plastic bottles! This was done through the collective efforts of about 295 students, 150 teachers and staff. The students learnt about the process and importance of recycling and got the opportunity to channel their creativity through this activity. Congratulations AWWA School and Happy 39th Anniversary! Here are some photos from the day’s happenings 🙂

1 week ago

SG Enable will launch a pilot 8-week workshop in collaboration with Caregivers Alliance Limited(CAL) to support caregivers of Persons with Disabilities. From this workshop, caregivers will gain more in-depth knowledge and skills in self-care, crisis management, problem-solving and communication.

Dates: Every Saturday from 14 April to 2 June 2018
Time: 10am–12.30pm
Venue: Enabling Village (Near Redhill MRT Station)
Address: 20 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 159053
Cost: FREE


To register for the workshop, please provide your details through this link ( or email your name, contact number and email address to

For more info, refer to below link for attached Flyer on the workshop >>> <<<
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1 week ago

Caregivers Connect shared Lien Foundation's post.

Lien Foundation
"George" is all of our kids
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HAVE YOU SEEN GEORGE? This short film is inspired by real, frequent encounters experienced by children with special needs, many of whom live isolated childhoods and are at the receiving end of "the look". An Inclusive Attitudes survey we conducted found while two-thirds of the public were willing to share spaces with children with special needs, they were not willing to interact with them. Seven in 10 Singaporeans are supportive of inclusive education, but only half are comfortable having their child seated next to a child with special needs in class. We need to work towards being more accommodating to those around us as our children mirror our actions. A lack of socialisation between children with and without special needs will continue to engender fear and breed a divided society. Ultimately, all children who can creatively work with those different from them will thrive in this increasingly complex world. Please share this film if you like it. #inclusivesg Enabling Village NCSS Singapore MSF Singapore Beanstalk Singapore Autism Resource Centre Singapore / Pathlight School Rainbow Centre, Singapore Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) AWWA Superhero Me Directed by: Huiwen Yang & Charis Anne Lim Illustration & Animation by: Siewmay Khoo & Marilyn Neo George's voice: Jun Le Lee

1 week ago

Caregivers Connect shared mosAIC's Sparks! Art Wellness Exhibition.

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The SPARKS! Art Wellness Exhibition celebrates the imagination, zest and creativity of nursing home residents in Singapore. Admire their art projects from 9-18 March at Raffles City, Level 3 Atrium. To find out more, visit