Symptoms Of Caregiver Stress

Ignoring stress, or not dealing with it in an effective manner, can cause physical, emotional and mental health problems in the long term, including caregiver burnout.


These are some common symptoms of Caregiver Stress:

  • Being easily irritated, angered or saddened

  • Mood swings; crying suddenly for no 'proper' reason

  • Feeling frustrated, angry or guilty

  • Constant fatigue and tiredness

  • Sleep problems – either too much or too little

  • Change in eating habits, resulting in either weight loss or weight gain

  • Relationship problems between spouses or between parents and their children etc

  • Withdrawal/isolation,  lack of interest in activities you used to enjoy

  • Frequent  headaches,  stomach  aches  and  other  physical  symptoms


What is Caregiver Burnout?

Caregiver burnout happens when a person reaches a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion. Generally, anyone going through burnout may experience a change in attitude, from positive, caring to negative, and unconcerned. Be aware that burnout can occur when you do not get the help you need, or if you push yourself beyond your limits. Symptoms of caregiver burnout are similar to caregiver stress,  but they are of greater intensity or seriousness.



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