We provide caregivers with opportunities to
Connect, Engage, Learn & Share with each other.

At Caregivers Connect, we listen to our members, and organise programmes that they want and need.

We take a holistic approach with our activities – after all, we know that caregivers don’t always want to talk about caregiving everyday! It’ll drive everyone crazy!

In between our educational talks and workshops, we make sure that caregivers also get to let their hair down. We have activities that help you relieve stress, relax, and socialise with other caregivers from all walks of life.

Take a look at what we do below!

Caregivers must Ownself Care Ownself!

Self-care is important, because caregivers cannot give care while running on an empty vessel. That’s why we run this series – to help our caregivers gain knowledge and awareness on their chosen topics. So far, we’ve worked with experts from Singapore Medical Society of Victoria, ArchAngel Shoes, and KALL Psychological & Counselling Services to create workshops that our members want.

And since nobody likes listening to boring lectures, our self-care workshops are organised as rowdy, funny, and highly informative dialogues. It’s a real hit with Caregivers Connect members!

Caregivers must Relak La!

Tired and stressed out from Caregiving? Relax! Join us and other caregivers for Meditation, Arts & Expression sessions that will give you better battery life than your smartphone. It’s also a great way to make new friends for chatting, venting, and learning about coping with our caregiving journeys.

Thanks to our community partner Breath Energy Works, Caregivers Connect members can drop in for FREE meditation sessions every fortnight. Look out for the dates below!

Caregivers must be Tech Boleh!

What’s a WhatsApp? How do you Grab a taxi with your smartphone? How can smartphones improve caregivers’ quality of life and caregiving? Our Tech-knowlogy workshops will explain all that to caregivers, and more!

That’s not all. Tech Boleh! workshops are also organised in collaboration with members of Singapore’s technology & startup scene – like the founders of Jaga Me, a home nursing app, and researchers from NTU COSMIC. By giving feedback during these sessions, Caregivers Connect members are helping to shape the future of care technology in Singapore.

Caregivers Must Get Important Decisions Done!

Are important legal procedures too cheem to understand, and preventing you from making important care decisions for your loved one? We’ll help!

From the mumbo jumbo of LPAs, Wills, and Advance Care Plans – We don’t just nag at caregivers to make important legal and medical decisions – we make sure you get it done (while actually understanding them) in a fun way, with help from professionals in the legal and estate planning field.

We Have More to Offer for Caregivers.

Aside from outings, social gatherings, and concerts, Caregivers Connect members are also invited to exclusive events organised by our community partners – like Singapore’s first ever Make a Caregiver’s Day with Share the Care SG.

As AWWA Caregiver Service, we also provide the Caregiving Life Skills Training Series, that is approved for use with the Caregiver’s Training Grant. Join us to be updated on upcoming sessions!

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Upcoming Activities for Caregivers

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