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Guide To Better Caregiving!

Are You a Caregiver?

It is time to make YOU a priority.
It is not selfish, it is truly necessary!


The ART of CAREGIVING is an opportunity to gain essential life-skills, effective strategies and self-care tips that are useful in your journey as a caregiver. You can also look forward to setting your mind at ease and alleviate stress while having fun in our art jamming session (as part of art therapy). Caregiving is easier when you are NOT doing it alone.
So come and join us!

22 July 2017, Saturday, 10am – 4pm
The Grassroots Club
(Banquet Hall, Level 3)
190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, Singapore 568046


MRT Station: North South Line, NS15 Yio Chu Kang Station, EXIT B
Bus Service: 13, 79, 72, 76, 162, 825 (Yio Chu Kang Bus Terminal)



10.00 amRegistration
10.30 amBuilding Effective Communication in Caregiving
by motivational speaker, Mdm Rasimah Jar
12.30pmBuffet Lunch
1.30pmGet Your Picasso On!
– An art jamming session for caregivers
4.00pmSee you again!



Download the Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) application form by clicking here. In the CTG form, you will need to Complete Section A2, C and Declaration by Care-Recipient. Please submit all completed forms and photocopies of both you and your Care-Recipient’s NRIC (back and front) to AWWA Caregiver Service.

Alternatively, if it is all too confusing, you can come down to AWWA Caregiver Service @ Boon Keng. We will be happy to assist you.

The closing date for registration is 17 July 2017, Monday. For more information on registration and eligibility criteria of CTG, do call us at 6511 5318.

Registration Fee:

Admission Fee:

*$10 only!!!

*Registration fee applies. Caregivers (immediate family members) who are looking after their elderly loved ones and/or persons with disabilities can use the Caregiver’s Training Grant (CTG) to subsidise the registration fee. CTG participant co-pays $10 ONLY!

For an unsuccessful application of CTG Grant, the registration fee is $60. Please call us at 6511 5318 for information and details of CTG eligibility criteria.

Payment Mode: By cash or cheque (non-refundable); all payments are to be made at AWWA Caregiver Service, latest by Monday, 17 July 2017.  Seats are confirmed upon full payment on first-come, first-served basis. For payments using cheques, you can mail your crossed cheque (made payable to AWWA Ltd – Caregiver Service) to:

AWWA Caregiver Service
Blk 6 Boon Keng Road, #01-52, Singapore 330006
Attention: The ART of CAREGIVING

About the Topic:

Building Effective Communication In Caregiving

Caregivers will learn to develop effective communication skills that would be useful when communicating and dealing with their caregiving team (comprising of family members and professionals). Caregivers will also learn how to define their responsibilities, to ask when they need help or cannot cope as well as acquire skills to manage expectations proactively.

About the Speaker:

Rasimah Jar

Mdm Rasimah Jar is the Founder of 3 Training & Consultancy agencies and has 25 years of work experience in the various fields of Psychology, Peak Performance, Success Leadership and Management, Child and Family Development, Parenting, Counselling and Relationship Coaching. She holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor in Psychology and Economics.

Mdm Rasimah has been developing practical programmes and conducting seminars, talks, training workshops for children, youths, parents, families, teachers, volunteers and professionals since 1993. She also conducts counselling and  meditation for individuals, couples and families on regular basis.


About the Art Jamming:

Art is a wonderful hobby and team sports are fun. What if we combined the two? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Art Jamming is when a group of people get together and explore creativity, and joy through art.

The art-jam involves a group of 10 and lasts for approximately 2 hours. Every member has access to all the necessary art supplies. There is no prerequisite to know how to paint or draw.  There are no hard and fast rules, much like any other kind of artistic activity. The main idea is to let the creativity flow and to let everyone explore their artistic side. Art Jamming is for absolutely anyone and everyone! And we bet, caregivers will enjoy themselves in this one-of-a-kind session. The art-jamming activity for caregivers will be conducted by Outdoor in Asia (OIA).


What Caregivers Were Talking About (May 16)

Hello Caregivers!

We’ve been a bit busy, but we haven’t forgot our Monthly Digest of the most popular posts on our Caregivers Connect Facebook Page. Head over and give us a Like to get the latest caregiving conversations delivered to your personal feed.

Without further ado, here’s what caregivers were talking about in  May 2016 – which was Mental Health Awareness Month.

1. Ah Boys to Men actor doing his bit for Autism Awareness…


2. The Problem with Hidden Depression amongst Academic High Performers…


3. Why Your Loved Ones with Dementia Wander…


4. How to Spot Often Ignored Signs of Depression…


5. How Caring Too Much Can Hurt Your Loved Ones…


6. A Day in the Life of a Mother of Children with Special Needs…


7. How it Feels Like to Have Schizophrenia…


8. A Young Man who became Caregiver for his Cancer-stricken Helper…


9. The Last Thing that Any Parent wants to Hear…


10. Evidence that People with Mental Illness Can Work…

11. How Society Misunderstands People with Special Needs…


11. Some Pro-Tips for Caregivers of Elderly Loved Ones…


12. How One Woman Faced Her Late Mother’s Digital Ghosts, and Overcame Grief…


13. Palliative Care Explained…


14. How to Support Someone Through Grief…


15. The Love of Madam Jamilah, Who Cares for her Adult Son with Disability…

16. How Mental Hospitals are actually Places for Good…


17. Mother’s Day – And Our Thoughts for those without Mothers…

18. Amos Yee – And What He has done to People with Mental Disorders…

19. What Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Feels Like…

20. Why Depression is Such a Scary Thing…

That’s all! Meanwhile, look out for our next monthly digest!

Monthly Digest – What Caregivers were Talking About in March ’16

Caregiving Goals & Targets

Hello Caregivers!

It’s that time again, where we present to you what caregivers were sharing and talking about during the past month. It’s the same digest that we send out to subscribers of our Mailing List, but with a much better reading experience now – thanks to our new Caregivers Connect website!

This is how it works:

We regularly post the latest caregiving news, tips, and updates on our Caregivers Connect Facebook Page –  so that we can have conversations with our followers about caregiving issues. After that, we take note of the articles which are most popular with our followers, and present them in a monthly digest, so that our non-facebook followers are able to follow community conversations.

Interestingly, we observed that for the month of March, caregivers were more interested in Caregiving stories, with lesser likes for Caregiving tips.

If you would like to see more caregiving tips, why not head down to our Facebook page, and ‘like’ to ‘vote’ for your favourite sort of caregiving content? That way, we’ll know what kind of content to post.

Without further ado, here are the Talking Points for March 2016, as Chosen by Caregivers.

Share the Care SG & Make a Caregiver’s Day

March was a Special Month for Caregivers of Loved Ones with Special Needs.

Together with Share the Care SG, we were proud to co-organise Singapore’s first-ever Make a Caregiver’s Day, which was attended by Guest of Honour, Mayor Denise Phua!

Highlights from Make a Caregiver’s Day via Share the Care SG. With your support – let’s make every day make a caregiver’s day!

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Sunday, 6 March 2016

You can read an account of it below, as reported by Special Seeds – a newly formed web magazine and resource guide for parents of children with special needs.

More coverage on Make a Caregiver’s Day 2016 – from the folks at “Perhaps, this is a first step…

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Monday, 7 March 2016


Over the last 6 months, Caregivers Connect has been working closely with the team from Share the Care SG to make the event happen. Lionel, Cheryl, Kaira and Xiu Xian are a group of talented students from Nanyang Technological University who have good heart and passion for helping caregivers.

Here’s more on what they have been doing for getting more Singaporeans to assist, and reach out to caregivers.

“More Singaporeans are more than willing to donate rather than taking time off to help the caregivers but sometimes, it…

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Monday, 7 March 2016


And together, we’ve been putting some of our inspirational caregivers’ stories into the limelight, and local newspapers.

Like the story of Jayamalini, single mum, and caregiver to 2 boys with special needs.

Here’s a beautiful piece of storytelling about Jaya – single mum and caregiver. 🙂

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

“I wanted to die. I didn’t bother about my kids. It was selfish,” said the 40-year-old caregiver and single mum…

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Story of Jayamalini – Single Mum & Caregiver of 2 sons wit…In 2008, Madam Jayamalini’s husband abandoned her as a single mother to raise their three boys, two of whom have special needs. Her second son was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay at birth and requires frequent hospital visits, while her youngest son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Although it was an emotional struggle for Jayamalini, she never gave up. Her eldest son, 12 year old Isaac, became Jayamalini’s pillar of strength as she persevered to overcome depression and thoughts of suicide. Together with Isaac, the former part-time bus attendant has grown to be determined, optimistic and independent, as she cares for her family while making a living as a home based office worker. This is her story.Jayamalini and Isaac were recognised by AWWA Caregiver Service for going beyond her role with the Model Caregiving Family Award (Merit) in 2015. We are pleased to tell her story with contributions from SGX Bull Charge, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), SG Enable and NCSS Singapore.

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Friday, 11 March 2016

And the story of Madam Kamsih, our 2015 Model Caregiver, whose son, Salim, has Down’s Syndrome, and is a successful special athlete.

It’s Madam Kamsih and her Handsome Turtle Salim! 😀

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

It wasn’t all just about Make a Caregiver’s Day.

Caregivers also loved, and shared stories about…

1. The Janitor and Cook who stayed behind to care for the elderly residents abandoned by a nursing home that closed down.

All the staff left, leaving elderly residents abandoned and helpless. Only the cook and janitor stayed behind…”My…

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Monday, 14 March 2016

2. 13-years old young caregiver Aichurek, who collects and sells plastic bags to provide for her disabled mother…

This 13-Year-Old Kyrgyz Girl Supports Her Whole Family13-year-old Aichurek collects plastic bags after school to provide for her disabled mother and younger brother.

Posted by RFE/RL on Friday, 26 February 2016

3. The caregiving love story of elderly Hajjah Rehana, who provides undying love and care for her bed-bound husband…

A Caregiving Love Story: Hajjah Rehana’s Pilgrimage of Love“I’m his wife. I will definitely take care of him to the best that I can”.Since 2010, cheery 68 year old Madam Rehana has been the main caregiver for her husband, who is now bed-bound due to a complex spinal injury sustained during their pilgrimage to Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem. When asked for his impression of Madam Rehana, her husband, Haji Hussein, responds: “Yes, nice girl, that one”.Despite her own medical problems, Madam Rehana continues her labour of love by relentlessly visiting the hospital for her husband’s medication and daily consumables. Living together, her family of 8 also contributes significantly in any way they can. Her daughter wakes up before dawn to clean and feed her father before she leaves for work, and assists Madam Rehana when she returns in the evening. Her son is the main breadwinner, while Madam Rehana’s daughter-in-law takes care of her own 3 young children. Their support for Madam Rehana ensures that she can focus on the complex care needs of her husband, who requires oxygen support and nocturnal ventilation as a tetraplegic. Elsewhere, Madam Rehana continues to assist Tan Tock Seng Hospital in providing support to other caregivers facing similar challenges as her.In October 2015, Madam Rehana was recognised for her unrelenting love by AWWA Caregiver Service with the Model Pioneer Caregiver Award. We are able to tell her story, thanks to contributions from SGX Bull Charge, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), SG Enable, and NCSS Singapore.

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Friday, 18 March 2016

4. A 72 year old caregiver in Singapore, who is sandwiched between caring for his disabled daughter, and his own health…

A Caregiver’s worst fears – who would care for your disabled child when you’re gone? It’s such thoughts that keep…

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

5. A nursing home in Helsinki, Finland, that rents rooms out to homeless young people on condition that they befriend the elderly residents…

Why These Millennials Live in a Retirement Home

Posted by Seeker Network on Monday, 7 March 2016

6. What to say to a loved one whom you’re caring for…

This article captures for caregivers what we sometimes forget how to say to our loved ones.

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Monday, 7 March 2016

7. Depression – and why we must talk more about it…

After reading this, you might want to join us for our upcoming ‘Understanding Depression’ workshop. More details under ‘Events’! 🙂

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Saturday, 19 March 2016

8. Why Tuina massages don’t cause seizures…

Yes, caregivers. You can now go for Tuina massage.

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

9. How a young caregiver came to terms with her new identity…

“My life, too, changed forever. The constant worry over my mother’s health and our finances coupled with the tormenting…

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Saturday, 19 March 2016

10. And…things around the house that are in need of a wash!

Caregivers should read this… Because cleanliness can prevent lots of medical problems from happening to your loved ones!

Posted by Caregivers Connect on Thursday, 17 March 2016

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